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Welcome to Newcastle ChinaTown & its Chinese community, where EAST meets WEST

--Promoting Newcastle as Great Multi Cultural & Science City--

ChinaTown at Newcastle Upon Tyne is one of only 5 ChinaTown in the UK (United Kingdom), with the other four being in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool.

However, Newcastle ChinaTown is not just restaurants. Newcastle China Town has much more life than just restaurants. Newcastle has a very large multi-cultural population, in which a high percentage is Chinese from all over the world like Hongkong, mainland China, Taiwan, and South East Asia (i.e. Malaysia, Singapore).

Today, the community is more than 35,000 Chinese residents living in Newcastle and its surrounding areas (this includes the ever increasing Overseas Chinese students from mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, and many parts of South East Asia) and at its heart is Stowell Street in Newcastle. It boasts an enticing collection of restaurants, supermarkets, shops, cafes, travel agents, housing agents, health centres, beauty salons, technology shops, legal services, financial services, a bustling Chinese community centre and many others. 

As well as having ChinaTown, Newcastle has International Airport, International Port, World-Class Universities , The World's First & Only Tilting Bridge called Millenium Bridge, and Europe's biggest shopping mall & leisure centre at 2,093,000 sq ft.

Other than London, Newcastle is also the only Metropolitan City in England, United Kingdom, which has Underground Public Transport (called METRO) system.

Furthermore, Newcastle has 2 Chinese Schools, teaching both Mandarin and Cantonese.

This website is aimed to help visitors to find every aspects of Chinese life in Newcastle quickly and comprehensively.


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